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THE ONGOING EXTINCTION OF BANKS BEGAN WITH DECENTRALIZED FINANCE. Their total obliteration will be signed, sealed, and delivered by a far superior iteration of DeFi and it will be a glorious time in history. Before DeFi, financial fre

Empires and Rulers - Bookmarks

Military History Podcast pt. 1

Power Notes

Types of Counterpower: Idea Counterpower Economic Counterpower Physical Counterpower Bargaining games: ultimatum game: powerful person offers ultimatum and the subject would have to a

Tactical Tools

Basics Create a plan. Create a fail-switch backup plan. Situation – Best Move. For every situation, you must choose the best course of action. What is the most efficient solution? Refe

Marketing Action Plan for a British Startup Headshop

OBJECTIVE Keep increasing the headshop’s website traffic. STRATEGY Maximize exposure for the headshop by engaging with British smokers and TURNING them into superfans. TAC

Lead Generation Action Plan for a Startup Crypto Exchange

LEAD GENERATION PLAN Objective: Keep generating joint marketing (and other partnership) opportunities for the exchange. Strategy: Maximize opportunities for the exc


Psychological Tricks Comm

Some Bookmarks Full of Strategery

Here are links that will lead you to fun things: Byzantine Rulers S

SM Promotion

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Feature Article

We will write a comprehensive article about your project and publish it here at CP.DBLOG.ORG which runs on the Hive social blockchain that has 120K+ daily active users. This service includes social promotion on our social channels tha

How to Dominate Your Competitors

Your business competitors have to go so you can truly achieve monopoly. Here are some things you must do: Planning Identify your direct competitors.

Are You Powerful Enough?

You don't need to be powerful to live but you need to understand power to survive. What if I tell you someone right now is thinking very hard about how to make your life as miserable as possible. That would be pretty sad right? That w