Crebs Park

Web3 only just begun..

The Blue Light

As the group reached the area with the blue light, they were welcomed by a guy in a suit. Guy: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to C.R.E.B.S. Park! I'm Travis White, the CEO, but I'm more of a caretaker here actually. Ca

The Transition - Part 2

(Sorry, the thumbnail doesn't have anything to do with this story. Just felt like doing a little clickbait. LOL) When everyone in the abandoned building fell asleep, they all disappeared in a blink of an eye. The building looks the sa

The Transition - Part 1

The Resistance Survivors entered the building to take shelter and rest. Jack is making sure all the injured persons are taken care of while Steven and a young guy named Lee went to explore the other parts of the building. They found s

In The Beginning

The survivors are moving inland. What happens next is a tale that will blow your minds.

The Ayahuasca Protocol

Reimagine your reality. Through user-friendly, secure, and scalable tech, Ayahuasca Protocol empowers an infinite number of people to invent and explore new realities. Work, life, and communities are being reimagined for a more exc

Center for Reality Engineering and Biohacking Solutions

Welcome to the Center for Reality Engineering and Biohacking Solutions, the one-stop shop for all your existential needs. Your life just ended but the gods are pleased and would like to grant you another one. F

The Great RESISTANCE - Part 7

YEAR 2025 In the Year 2025, a great war is brewing between the Global Resistance Army and the Reptilians. The Resistance is just waiting for the Hong Kong & Taiwan delegation to complete their line-up. New York, w


All online games will have no choice but to integrate Play-To-Earn NFT mechanics sooner or later. Even Ubisoft and Nintendo can’t ignore this and are now


(left: OG Cats, right: Rude Cows) Two great new projects in the NFT scene right now are OG Cats and Rude Cows. They both have outstanding art styles and deserve the attentio

RELITE is DeFi's Finest

THE ONGOING EXTINCTION OF BANKS BEGAN WITH DECENTRALIZED FINANCE. Their total obliteration will be signed, sealed, and delivered by a far superior iteration of DeFi and it will be a glorious time in history. Before DeFi, financial fre

Empires and Rulers - Bookmarks

Military History Podcast pt. 1

Power Notes

Types of Counterpower: Idea Counterpower Economic Counterpower Physical Counterpower Bargaining games: ultimatum game: powerful person offers ultimatum and the subject would have to a