(left: OG Cats, right: Rude Cows) Two great new projects in the NFT scene right now are OG Cats and Rude Cows. They both have outstanding art styles and deserve the attentio...

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(left: OG Cats, right: Rude Cows)

Two great new projects in the NFT scene right now are OG Cats and Rude Cows. They both have outstanding art styles and deserve the attention of all savvy collectors out there.

OG Cats by Harvest Galaxy

Besides having great-looking designs, OG Cats NFTs have great utility too. The holders of their 1,000 Genesis Cats will get perks like utility token yields, free minting of OG kitten, early access to in-game NFTs, and airdrops of future NFT launches. Community members will be able to mint Genesis Cats this December.

Another remarkable thing about OG Cats is that they are the first ever NFT project to introduce crossbreeding. Their NFTs will be able to crossbreed with other collections out there.

Harvest Galaxy will also introduce an OG Cats infinite runner game and it is just the first of many as they will acquire, develop, and operate more fun and addictive Play-to-Earn NFT games. They will also partner with studios and integrate NFTs into their games! These are just some of their objectives to help trigger a massive influx of fiat gamers into NFT gaming.

Clearly, Harvest Galaxy will be bigger than Axie Infinity because they are going to be the hub for the best Play-to-Earn NFT games. They will open the floodgates for fiat gamers on a mass exodus from boring traditional games.

If you're an NFT collector, you should collect the ones with utility and a bright future like Harvest Galaxy’s OG Cats NFT. Their addictive game is about to be released and their utility token will launch early next year. When it comes to NFTgaming, this is the project to watch.

Everybody in the crypto industry and the NFT gaming scene should not sleep on OG Cats NFT. Become a community member by joining their DISCORD SERVER and be OG. It's the best opportunity right now. Get in early!

Rude Cows

Rude Cows is a brand spanking new NFT collection on the Polygon blockchain. They have splendid impressionist-like fine art style which both traditional Art and NFT collectors should not miss out on.

Rude Cows are cute, fun, cheeky, and have very good fashion sense. Currently, there are 1,008 unique Rude Cow NFTs based on the following traits:

  • Cow Type
  • Eyes/Eyewear
  • Hats
  • Mouth
  • Background
  • Horns

The most charming cow traits are Lennon and Zorro glasses, The Clash hat, The Beatles beanie, right side pipe, and planets background. These NFT cows are inspired by actual cows in Scotland, drawing upon their wild hair and irreverent attitude to life. By the way, the original Rude Cow was a painting by the artist Liz!

This NFT project also wants to give back by donating a portion of their sales to environmental causes like rewilding projects in Scotland.

There will be more Rude Cow designs in the future and you are invited to suggest your own cow traits in their DISCORD COWMUNITY!

Also, Rude Cows enjoy the benefits of the Polygon blockchain having almost zero gas fees.

Head on over to their OPENSEA COLLECTION and start looking for your favorite Rude Cow masterpiece!