All online games will have no choice but to integrate Play-To-Earn NFT mechanics sooner or later. Even Ubisoft and Nintendo can’t ignore this and are now


(left: OG Cats, right: Rude Cows) Two great new projects in the NFT scene right now are OG Cats and Rude Cows. They both have outstanding art styles and deserve the attentio

RELITE is DeFi's Finest

THE ONGOING EXTINCTION OF BANKS BEGAN WITH DECENTRALIZED FINANCE. Their total obliteration will be signed, sealed, and delivered by a far superior iteration of DeFi and it will be a glorious time in history. Before DeFi, financial fre

Lead Generation Action Plan for a Startup Crypto Exchange

LEAD GENERATION PLAN Objective: Keep generating joint marketing (and other partnership) opportunities for the exchange. Strategy: Maximize opportunities for the exc

Where to Earn Free Cryptos

The following are websites/apps where you can earn cryptocurrencies. Let's start with what we think are the best sites/apps you should focus on: [PRESEARCH]

Decentralized Blog / Website

We used to write blog posts in Wordpress because it was really very easy to use. Unfortunately, Wordpress users don't have full control of their blog. If you'll use, they can

Why Invest in Matic / Polygon

(This post was originally published at on March 2021 but due to the uncertainty of that platform, we've decided to move this post here at Hive.) Matic has surged in price the other day and according to Bullzilla 123

Crypto Job Sites - Ultimate List

The following job sites or apps either pay freelancers/workers in crypto or feature job posts that are categorized as cryptocurrency/blockchain jobs. We have also added an extra list of all remote job sites / freelancing sites that features

Why NIMIQ is a Solid Crypto Investment

Nimiq is a mission-oriented cryptocurrency designed for the MASSES. It is a microcap coin flying under the radar of many crypto investors. As of publishing time, NIM is ranked #464 on CoinMarketCap with a price of $0.01 and a market cap of $

Time to Change the Way You Accept Payments!

Blockchain is changing the world one use case at a time. It's usefulness is just growing everyday with solutions like decentralizing file storage and social media, enhancing supply chain management, augmenting other disruptive technologies l

Easiest Way to Buy and Hold Bitcoin

Nimiq OASIS is where you can "atomic swap" everything or buy and store Bitcoin, NIM, and (soon) Ethereum directly from your bank account in under 5 minutes with no KYC *up to $1,000. OASIS solves a fundamental problem - easy buying an

Why Cartesi is Great

This is a simple post which highlights some key info about Cartesi and why everybody should invest in it, including your granpa. As of writing time, CTSI is a low market cap gem. Most Crypto freaks on Twitter don't seem to know about CTSI or