All online games will have no choice but to integrate Play-To-Earn NFT mechanics sooner or later. Even Ubisoft and Nintendo can’t ignore this and are now ...

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All online games will have no choice but to integrate Play-To-Earn NFT mechanics sooner or later. Even Ubisoft and Nintendo can’t ignore this and are now looking into NFTs. This is the way of the future and when that future is in full-throttle, HARVEST GALAXY is going to be the ultimate NFT Gaming Hub.

While mainstream journalists and Venture Capitalists are busy talking about the first generation of blockchain games like Decentraland, The Sandbox, or Axie Infinity, let us (we the plebs) talk about the major game changer of them all, Harvest Galaxy.


Harvest Galaxy will be a hub where game studios can easily integrate and launch Play-To-Earn NFT games. They will simplify the Game NFT-fication (if you will) Process so the studios can finally step into the future and won’t be left in the dust by their competitors.

They will launch “OG Cats on the Run” which is an infinite runner game and it is just the first of many as they will acquire, develop, and operate more fun and addictive Play-to-Earn NFT games. They will partner with studios and integrate NFTs into their games! These are just some of their objectives to help trigger a massive influx of fiat gamers into NFT gaming.

They are a Movement to get fiat gamers into NFTs. Harvest Galaxy, together with their OG community (hopefully you’ll be one of them soon), will reap the huge rewards for helping facilitate the mass adoption of NFT Gaming.


It is time to solve the issue of in-game item ownership.

The gaming market was valued at $173 billion in 2021 (expected to reach $300 billion by 2027). Approximately half of this was generated through in-game purchases. You might say “Damn bruh, the gamers must be really happy with fiat gaming” but gamers are actually frustrated that they don't own the game items they bought. Ownership is instead held by the companies that sell them. WTF!


With in-game NFTs, gamers will finally and truly own the items they purchase, thanks to blockchain technology!

Harvest Galaxy will keep innovating in-game NFTs and provide Free-To-Play versions of their games and will leverage their access to a huge base of fiat gamers. They will develop simple yet exceptional user experiences that enable fiat gamers to buy In-Game NFT items, possibly using credit cards or in-app payments. This can potentially help accelerate NFT adoption and serve as a gateway for thousands of fiat mobile gamers to try the Play-To-Earn model and invest into NFTs.


OG Cats on the Run is an upcoming 3D infinite runner mobile game which is currently under development. It will have a rich internal economy and an addictive gameplay loop. This will be the first ever game in Harvest Galaxy and will feature spectacular In-Game NFTs.

The game will be backed by a community that holds a financial stake in OG Cats via the game's two currencies, which includes a governance token to help influence its development.

OG Cats NFT holders will be landowners in this game. $CATNIP, which is the other token, can be used to mint land that will produce valuable in-game assets which can be periodically harvested.

Harvest Galaxy, initially, will be a game item store, marketplace, and staking platform for OG Cats on the Run.



This is the fuel of Harvest Galaxy. All consumable items and events will burn this token. For example, it will be used for minting land. Game land plots will be NFTs that produce valuable in-game items and tokens. $CATNIP will also be burned to launch/mint VX avatars.

Only Rare OG Cats will yield $CATNIP tokens.


$CATGEMS is the governance token of Harvest Galaxy and it will be very valuable in the game because players need it to upgrade their non-rare OG Cats to produce $CATNIP tokens.


To make things more interesting, $CATGEMS are only produced by Genesis Cats and there’s only 1000 of them. This makes the Genesis collection a must-have for all NFT collectors, gamers or not. For every Genesis Cat that you hold, you will earn 50 $CATGEMS tokens daily.

Genesis Cats holders will get other perks like free minting of OG Kitten NFTs, early access to In-Game NFTs, and airdrops of future NFT launches.

Buying Genesis Cats that are still listed for sale right now is a great investment decision. As of writing time, there are already 405 Genesis Cats holders. Joining this elite group is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Go grab a cat now while you still can!


The upcoming launch of the 5000 OG Cats collection is very exciting because these cats will yield $CATNIP tokens, can crossbreed, can equip/unequip certain items from the Harvest Galaxy item store, and the non-Rare OG Cats can be upgraded to become rare by buying different items from the store.

OG Cats will be doing whitelist giveaways to true supporters of the project before they launch the collection. If you are one of the new supporters who believe in this project, please go ahead and join their Discord community so you won’t miss any giveaway announcements.


The Founding Team has a very solid lineup.

  • Their CEO is an online media entrepreneur and Founder of a company that owns and operates a portfolio of sites with 150M+ monthly page views.
  • The Co-Founder is a Game Advertising expert and the Co-Founder of an established game performance marketing network with 75+ game studio partners.
  • Their blockchain developer is a Smart Contracts rockstar who happens to be the original developer of Metasaurs and Crypto Cannabis Club.
  • And last but not the least, the OG Cats Artist, is a talented 2D illustrator and also the Founder of a design agency for the gaming industry. What can we say, his art speaks for itself! His style is one of the best in the NFT scene.

Developing a game is a major undertaking not to mention they are building one of the pioneering NFT projects poised to turn the entire Gaming industry on its head. They are working on new things that no one else is doing. With big gaming companies like Ubisoft and Nintendo (who can execute really fast on great ideas) trying to enter the NFT Game, it is very important for the team to focus on their mission and getting things right so they can differentiate themselves by making very smart technical and business decisions.

Harvest Galaxy is going to make their games simple and easy to use. There’s going to be Free-To-Play versions. They will eliminate everything that's hard about playing blockchain and NFT games and they will lead the way in its mass adoption.

Here are just some innovative ideas they are currently working on:


  • OG Cats is the first ever NFT project to introduce crossbreeding. Their NFTs will be able to crossbreed with other collections out there.

They will also explore the following ideas:

  • Multi level staking rewards
  • AI based crossbreeding
  • NFT swap marketplace - trading NFTs without currency
  • NFT clothing store for Metaverse - platform principle, connecting VX clothing designers with buyers

Harvest Galaxy will disrupt the gaming industry. They will keep building and challenging the status quo while their hardcore investors keep HODLing and influencing the direction of the project. They have the smartest and the most patient investors in the Cryptoverse. With dynamics like this, there’s nothing that can stop this project from going to Mars and beyond.


How big will Harvest Galaxy get? REALLY BIG.

Clearly, Harvest Galaxy will be bigger than Axie Infinity because they are going to be the ultimate hub for the best Play-To-Earn NFT games. They will open the floodgates for fiat gamers on a mass exodus from boring traditional games.

If you're an NFT collector, you should collect NFTs with utility and a bright future like Harvest Galaxy’s Genesis and OG Cats NFTs. Their addictive game is about to be released and their second utility token will launch soon. When it comes to NFT Gaming, this is the project to watch.

OG Cats is a fairly new project and a lot of investors are sleeping on them. The earliest investors will reap the rewards in the future. The best thing about this is that ordinary investors take first dibs while big-ass investors will FOMO in later. And when this happens, more and more people will start to believe in their vision. The mania that Axie Infinity has created will be dwarfed by Harvest Galaxy.

Become an OG community member by joining their Discord server. Invest in Harvest Galaxy by grabbing some of their NFTs. It's the best opportunity right now. Get in early!


NFT Gaming is the way of the future. Ready or not, it is coming. The world is reconfiguring itself to adapt to this reality.

There are questions like “What will it mean to live in a world where people can make a living playing games?”, “Will people spend more time on NFT Games instead of social networks?”, “Will it kill big tech platforms like Twitter and Facebook?”, and “Will people stop mindlessly working boring and soul-crushing jobs?” These questions are valid. If you really think about the answers to these questions, you will experience that “Holy Shi*” moment. The possibilities are endless and OG Cats will be there to lead the charge.

Welcome to Harvest Galaxy, welcome to the Metaverse!

Now get ready for a new reality.