The Great RESISTANCE - Part 6

Narrator: Once upon a time, there was only one universe. One glorious universe where all the gods also ...

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Narrator: Once upon a time, there was only one universe. One glorious universe where all the gods also reside. This universe is called Nirvana or "Everythingness". Unfortunately, souls became bad and are very ungrateful. The gods thought "Gee, maybe these guys are just bored with the perfection of this place, we need to switch things up." The gods needed to change the dynamics and wanted to give people a different perspective about their existence. They decided to split the Universe into many universes. They also created "Nothingness" which is an illusion to make all of us believe we never existed before. They also suspended our past memories. Billions of years later, between 2 parallel universes, our story continues:

Universe 1: The global freedom fighters are on their way to New York to fight the Reptilian globalist army - Year 2025

Universe 2: The modern world is slowly waking up to The Great Reset - Year 2021


In Universe 1...

Steven Han: The storm is coming.

Wai: Yes sir. There's no stopping this. We need to prepare for the worst.

Steven: Alert everyone. Send the message that we'll probably never make it.

Wai: Yes sir.

Narrator: Their ships got wrecked by a storm which killed most of their men. Out of 500+ freedom fighters, only 16 survived which includes Jack (the leader of the Taiwan Resistance) and Steven and his assistant, Wai, who lost her eyesight after her head got smashed by a giant steel bar.

Wai: Sir just kill me now. I'm useless.

Steven: No way, I need your advice more than ever. I'll take care of you.

Wai: Thank you sir but feel free to end my life anytime. I don't want to be dead weight.

Jack: Steve, we found a building 4 miles inland. Let's take shelter there. We've checked the building and the surrounding area and it is empty so its safe.

Steven: Why the f**k is there a building in this very remote and uncharted island?

Jack: I don't know. Probably a billionaire's vacation place. Let's go there and take care of everybody.

Steven: I have a bad feeling about this but hey, we're still alive. The universe still want us alive so we can execute on our objectives. Hope we can get out of here fast.

Jack: Yes Steve but right now we need shelter and keep surviving. I'll get the rest of our men and let's all meet in 10 minutes up that hill.

Narrator: The survivors landed on an island but they don't know their exact location. They lost everything and there's no way to figure out where the f**k in the world they are.


Meanwhile in Universe 2...

General Flint: I am going to Peru to meet a friend. Please carry out the next steps. We'll reconvene in 5 days.

Agent Q: Yes General.

Narrator: The general woke up one day and remembered a friend that he hasn't seen for years. His friend is a monk and his name is Kargal Hue. Off to Peru he went.

Still the Narrator: The Wallstreeters are still mad about what WallStreetBets did so they have improved their trading game significantly. Ceon Looperman is still crying and is suicidal but he's equally mad and has contracted specialists to track down who these WSB fellas are. He is out for blood and wants to get back all the lost dollars.

Ceon: I want you and your men to hunt down these peasants and do what needs to be done so we can get our money back. Our masters are not pleased.

Lead Goon: Yaasssss, Ima do what needs to be done. Ima holla out of here and get back at ya. Ciao!

In Florida at DT's HQ:

DT: They're going to impeach me for the third time before the next presidential elections. LOL! Let them.


Narrator: Say something!

You: Huh?

Narrator: Say something, you've crossed a parallel universe through your dream. Say something!

You: Oh.. ahhh yes.. Mr. President.. the democrats are too dumb. Let them make themselves look more pathetic.

Trump: I need you to follow General Flint in Peru. Tell him about Operation Blue Hotdog.

You: Okay sir yes sir!

DT: Hey Jared get over here.

Jared: Yes?

DT: Whats the latest?

Jared: Oh okay.. just one sec.. let me get my laptop.. okay here we go..

Still Jared: So the 2nd impeachment failed therefore DT 2, DEMOCRATS 0. Would love to see another impeachment just so they look even more lame LMAO.

We're gathering more evidence and bringing more witnesses to step up and hopefully really give the Deep Stater Swampers no choice but to do what needs to be done. But we both know that's not gonna happen. They will always come up with something. But let's see what happens first.

DT: I understand, that's why we have Operation Blue Hotdog at play.

Jared: What? Operation what? lol

DT: Just take note of that.

Jared: Oh ok hihihi.. ok. So another thing.. fake news outlets have intensified their propaganda and theatrics. We have no choice but to beat them at their own game. I'm gonna need you to sign off on this plan. (hands over folder to Trump). Let me know.

(Level 2 Narrator: Jared stands up, fixed his tie, got silent, and looked like he is about to leave.. and that's why our lame narrator below decided to interrupt the scene with his stupid premature narration.)

Narrator: Jared didn't bring up the latest updates about the Great Reset. The Reset Architects have started Phase 2 of their evil plans. They are now burning chemical factories around the world so people get exposed and develop illnesses. They are also releasing undetectable biological weapons to help reduce the population. Here's one of the conversations of the Great Reset strategists:

Gill Bates: I wish we can just kill all these useless eaters at once.

Kloos Swabs: No Gilly. We can't do that. That would be messy and not good for the environment. After all, one of our goals is to preserve this planet for our offspring. We can't let dead bodies linger and risk contaminating the environment or other living things. We can't have that kind of risk.

Foochi: Yes, let's stick to the Pandemic and discreet chemical and biological attacks. That way, these useless peasants will clean up after their own mess. Hahahahahaha


Narrator: The Great Reset has advanced and people still think it's a conspiracy theory, especially the brain-dead Libtards.

Jared: Hey narrator, can you let me continue talking, we're not yet done here.

Narrator: Okay sorry.

DT: Bing bing bing bong bang bang bing bong bong bing. (while staring at the narrator)

Jared: So you heard what the idiot narrator just said. The Great Reset has entered the singularity. But I believe our ground team is on top of this so we don't really need to think about it just yet. I'll update you on this matter.

DT: Okay.

Still DT: Hey you... yes you! You! You can wake up now!

Narrator: And you can go back to Universe 1. Wake up because the Antifa soyboy is slapping your face right now.


Narrator: As General Flint reached the top of the mountain where his friend lives, he realized what a beautiful life it is to be away from civilization. To be away from it all. To feel nature and be closer to the source. He blanked out and just wandered inside this thought.. until a coconut fruit fell on his head and caused him to blank out.

3 hours later..

Shaman Kargal Hue: Hey Mike, wake up! Wake the f**k up. (slaps his face hard)

Mike: Hey, what happened?

Kargal Hue: Uhmm.. nuffin.. you were just so tired i guess, you slept at the gate. By the way, your friends are waiting for you at the balcony..

Mike: Wait what friends? I came alone.

Kargal Hue: Really? They're the ones who told me youre coming. lol

Mike: Shi*.

Narrator: General Flint panicked because he thought the guests must be reptilian shapeshifters. He stormed the door and as he arrived at the balcony, he was shocked to see Roe Jogan and Alex Dunes smoking some good spliff. They're high as f**k! LOL


Roe: Hey General, welcome to the top of the world. Take some.

Mike: Oh hey guys, you scared me. Haha.. How did you know I'm coming? Why are you here? Are you some kind of stalkers now?

Alex Dunes: (wearing a black shirt with the print #AOCSmollett) We're the world's greatest conspiracy theorists and needly so. We know what's up.

Mike: What do you think is up?

Roe: Oh come on general.. who do you think brought you here?

Mike: What do you mean?

Alex Dunes: Your friend asked you to come here through your dream right?

Mike: Holy shi*! How did you know that?

Roe: Through some good ole witchcraft General. Hahahahah

Alex Dunes: General, through bleeding-edge Ayahuasca ritual and astro-physics. But you don't need to know the details. You just need to understand that we can now communicate with each other without being intercepted by the reptiles. Screw Signal App, screw Telegram. This is the ultimate secure communication protocol.

I texted you a diagram.


Kargal Hue: Let's talk about business later. Time to eat folks!

Roe: Yeeeeeeeeeyyyyy

Alex Dunes: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Mike: (dizzy eyes emoji)

Narrator: Since Alex Jones is in this episode, and unfortunately in the last scene too, it would be weird for him to do the Resistance Radio segment so let me do that one instead... (ahem)

DJ Narrator: It's 2 PM right on the dot and you're tuned in to Resistance Radio - The Sound of Freedom. I just heard that General Mike Flint joined the party in Peru with Alex and Joe. We'll, what can i say, it's definitely a great meeting of the minds! It's gonna be of parabolic proportions. Speaking of parabolic, here's a song called Parabola to end the day.