The Great RESISTANCE - Part 5

Narrator: The following events took...

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Narrator: The following events took place in a parallel universe - between the years 2020 and 2022.

General Flynn: Trump lost and the reptilians won. Fuck these animals. Let's carry out Operation Gamestop. Call the chairman.

Secretary: Yes sir.

Narrator: The General has been busy meeting with the members of Q to discuss next steps and to make sure no more Antifa and BLM members infiltrate their operations. They are very useful idiots to the democrats. He now wants to execute on his goals to cripple the financial division of the Reptilian Empire.

Secretary: General, The Chairman is on the line.

General Flynn: Hello?

The Chairman: Hey General.

General Flynn: Do it.

The Chairman: Consider it done.

Narrator: And so it begins. The Chairman and his financial army wrecked some wallstreeters and caused a level 1 reptile called Leon Cooperman to cry.



CNBC Anchor: Mr. Cooperman, how are you going to explain this fuck-up to your superiors?

Leon Cooperman: I keerrrrrr... huuuuuhuuuuuuhuuuu uwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh


CNBC Anchor: Sir, do you still need a pacifier? I mean a unifier? Sir? Still there?

Narrator: Leon Cooperman left the interview and cried and sobbed so hard like a stupid dog that got hit by a speeding liberal millennial soyboy on a bike.

The next day...

Secretary: General, the chairman is on the phone.

General Flynn: Hey chairman, great job. I'm looking at CNBC right now and Leon cried LMAO!

The Chairman: Yes General, I have a hard-on watching his stupid face cry like a bitch. hihihi. Anyways, I recommend we carry out another attack in 2 weeks.

General Flynn: Which attack?

The Chairman: The dog sir.


General Flynn: Oh okay, sure, go ahead. But I need you to coordinate with Elon first. I'm not sure what your plan is but I trust you. Great job man. Keep me posted. Bye for now.

Narrator: The Chairman is about to unleash the deadliest financial weapon the reptilian overlords is yet to see and they can feel it. I can even feel it. Look at my wallet. It's full of hot dogs screaming "Let us out, much bore!"

Narrator: Meanwhile, at Emperor Trump's Mar-a-Lago base, his team is busy working on next steps to move forward with Plan B. His army and the militia are impatient and want to carry out their own plans and are so close to going their own way.