Run Your Business Empire on Beast-Mode

The following are some ideas and facts you need to constantly remind yourself of so you can survive the business world and make a dent in the universe. Enjoy. Think like a Gen...

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The following are some ideas and facts you need to constantly remind yourself of so you can survive the business world and make a dent in the universe. Enjoy.

  • Think like a General.
  • Business is a zero-sum game. Your enemies will tell you it isn't but that's part of the game and deception. The one who is fooled loses.
  • Learn from the masters.
  • Get acquainted with the best of the best in your business and copy their best practices. If you decide to compete with them, make sure you destroy them completely. Otherwise, they will destroy you first. No shit.
  • Establish a strong business foundation to make your business last forever.
  • Think about the demands of your market.
  • Think about what your customers will want.
  • Outthink large businesses like Amazon and Alibaba. Copy their business models and make them better.
  • When generating profits for your business, you must enable the fastest processes to cash. Find your customers, make them happy, and scale. Buy real estate properties that you can develop for business expansion.
  • Don’t forget to delegate. Build a network of trusted people you can count on to carry out tasks. Hire the brightest and the best employees from around the world.
  • Do the uncomfortable things that others won't do.
  • Sell something asap.
  • Prioritize the low hanging money opportunities.
  • Get profitable fast.

  • Keep Strategizing
  • Learn and improve.
  • Acquire more knowledge and business skills.
  • Make sure you know and manage your leadership team very well.
  • Keep getting into more profitable businesses or investments.
  • If something works, double down on it.

3 Eternal Rules

  1. Focus on the few. (the best few)
  2. Have limited aims.
  3. Stop wasting time on things you can’t change.

Domination Operations

Your empire is finally flourishing but your work has just only begun. You want your empire to last and you can program it right now so it stays that way for many generations to come.

Here are some things you must do:

  • Keep developing frameworks of winning.
  • Keep developing business tools that helps you with your objectives.
  • Keep acquiring. Consolidate powers.
  • Divest if you must.
  • Diversify!
  • Establish joint ventures.
  • Form strategic super alliances.
  • Keep expanding and keep acquiring new territories.

Your expansion system might be designed to include the following components:

  • Buying properties.
  • Buying companies.
  • Buying digital assets.
  • Converting resources into key chess pieces.

Product Operations

When creating a product, your goal must be to create a monopoly. Here’s your checklist to make sure you have the best product that will monopolize your market:

  • It must be scalable.
  • It must be hard to replicate.
  • It must have an important mission.
  • Find a small market to monopolize then expand.
  • It must be what the customers want.
  • It must meet the demands of the market.
  • The users must love the product.

Embed product into your customer’s habit loop
Decode customer behavior, contact points
Smart-phone friendly
Focus on usability and user-friendly features
Cloud-based and no signups or downloads
Offer freemium
Make users happy
Look at support forums
Cost reduction spotter

Once you have the best product, you need to do 4 things to make sure your product stays that way:

  • Keep innovating.
  • Keep hustling.
  • Keep strategizing.
  • Use Math!

Keep Innovating

  • Solve today’s problems.
  • Create your own version of a horse reimagined to automobile
  • Create new and unique experiences for customers
  • Challenge-Solution Equation: Every challenge has a solution. Use that to your full advantage.
  • Always work on arriving at the most efficient solution.
  • Start simple.
  • Manage complexities.
  • Remove constraints.
  • Reduce the pain.
  • Automate and optimize.
  • Great execution.
  • Develop a great customer support and user experience.
  • Create sustainable software-driven innovation capabilities.
  • Use latest technologies: Big Data, AI, Cloud, Blockchain, others
  • Be Agile – Improve processes and speed up delivery.
  • CI/CD – Focus on software-defined life cycles, highlighting tools, that emphasize automation.
  • Use DevOps – culture, roles, responsiveness.
  • Make everyone knowledgeable.
  • Make something that your employees love.
  • Digitize everything.
  • Productize everything.
  • Recognize a problem and turn it into an opportunity.
  • Work on sustainability.
  • Outsource/Rent/Hire.
  • Monitor new opportunities.
  • Be the greatest copycat.
  • Adapt.
  • Provide the top need.
  • Automate everything.
  • Improve all processes.
  • Focus on the future.
  • Bend Genres
  • Redefine what is possible.

Keep Hustling / Mafia Style

  • Just keep selling and servicing more customers!
  • Form a hardcore sales team.
  • Copy the Roman Empire’s best practices and apply them in business.
  • Unify smaller or weaker companies and acquire them.
  • Devour all preys.
  • Destroy your competitors.
  • Maximize lead generation.
  • Gamble hard.
  • Stay angry, stay foolish.
  • Focus on what is in your control.
  • Capitalize on your wins.
  • Learn to beat the system.
  • Leverage/exploit – Take advantage of strengths, successes, connections, crisis, chaos, etc.
  • Identify opportunities.
  • Create win-win situations. [value]
  • Use all resources at your disposal.
  • Charm offensive.
  • Beat your competitors using minimal resources.
  • Partner with past colleagues/bosses/clients.
  • Reconnect with all your valuable people.
  • Guided Missiles – Defeat your competitors using third parties.
  • Resist! Challenge the status quo.
  • Create relationships of dependence. AKA Parasite Relations. Be irreplaceable. Build alliances to destroy later if necessary. Develop them to become your best soldiers and spy on them.
  • Follow the power. Monitor the most powerful markets. Master power.
  • Integrate magical realism/gods.
  • Annihilate your competitors.
  • Win wars.
  • Take care of competitors and strive for monopoly.
  • Feel the market and figure out who or what is trouble.
  • Pick a market where you have an advantage.
  • Serve the most powerful customers.
  • Know when and how to make rough moves.
  • Focus on objectives.
  • Create opportunities by asking for them!
  • Keep expanding.
  • Always plan for your next big moves.