Psychological Horror Movies to Watch - 1

There's a fine line between reality and fantasy. Sooner or later, you'll experience something ...

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There's a fine line between reality and fantasy. Sooner or later, you'll experience something that will f**k with your mind. It's inevitable. The best thing you can do right now is to prepare and condition yourself to hopefully have some control when the horror commences.


This is a list of psychological thrillers and mind-bending movies you should watch. Pt. 2 will follow soon so feel free to subscribe or maybe just bookmark this channel if you don't think I'm subscribe-worthy.

Relax and enjoy watching. :)

1> Triangle – If you’re not interested with psychological thrillers, this is the movie that’ll make you ask for more psychological thrillers. I highly recommend you watch this first before watching the others below. Maybe I am slightly biased because it is Melissa George in the lead role but hey, you let me know if this movie doesn’t deserve to be on the top spot. Watch here.

2> Shutter Island – This is sick. This is better than Inception. Take a ride to Shutter Island.

3> Donnie Darko – This movie is weird but in a good way. It’s a mind-bending combination of psychological thriller and Sci-Fi. I find this movie somewhat relaxing. Watch here.

4> Now You See Me – Woaah. I didn’t see that coming! Now You See Me, now you watch

5> The Machinist – Christian Bale is a method actor and he’s done a really great job in this movie aside from achieving a skeletal body frame. It’s too good that I can’t give you more details so as not to spoil it for you. Watch here.

6> Secret Window – A successful author who’s suffering from writer’s block retreated to a secluded cabin after discovering his wife had an affair. If you’ll watch this movie, expect the unexpected. That’s all I can say. Watch here.

7> A Beautiful Mind – He’s a genius, and just like some other geniuses, something’s gotta give. I like the mathematical equations and I like the scenes. Prepare for a shocking twist. Watch here.

8> Oldboy – Damn. I thought this movie is about a boy who got imprisoned for 20 years and didn’t grow up and is out for blood after his release. The story unfolded in a mysteriously weird ending. It’s mind-blowing (especially the scene where someone ate a bullet), psychological, and tragic. Damn. I bet you’ll say “damn” too at some point in the movie. Watch here.

9> Identity – I watched this movie a long time ago and couldn’t even remember exactly how things played out but I do remember that it is truly an awesome movie and deserves to be on this list. Watch here.

10> Lucy – This is a mind-bending Scientific movie. Literally. We all like the genre and Scarlett Johansson. What more can you ask for? Watch here.

11> Memento – This movie will turn your brain into slip knots. Goodluck. Watch here.

12> Waking Life – At first, I wasn’t interested in watching this movie because it is animated. But things got interesting by the minute and I got my mind blown all the way. It’s your turn. Watch here.

13> Prisoners – Guess who the kidnapper is. Watch here.

14> Enemy – When it’s Jake Gyllenhaal, expect weird things to happen, like a giant spider appearing from out of nowhere. Watch here.

15> Frailty – A family carries out a divine mission to slay demons as instructed by an angel. Sounds like a classic medieval film doesn’t it? Watch here.

16> Frozen – See what happens when you’re stranded in a ski lift chair during a storm on a weekend at a mountain. NO, this is NOT Disney’s animated film! Watch here.

17> The Butterfly Effect – This is another movie I watched a long time ago but yes, this is definitely a mind-blowing psychological thriller. WATCH – IT – here.

18> Sinister – This is a horror film but it has a very disturbing psychological effect and it’s really creepy (reminds us of The Ring) thus I went to great lengths tagging this movie as a psychological thriller. There are also some bits of mind-bending elements you should see. Watch here.

19> The Exam – Eight smart people took the most terrifying exam of their lives to get a job. Watch here.

20> Red Lights – A psychologist meets a psychic. How psycho can this get? Watch here.

21> You’re Next – This is truly a kick-ass thriller with a bit of black comedy. If you’re into revenge movies, you should include this on your viewing list. This is not really a psychological thriller but I’d also like to include this on this list and don’t you dare complain. Just kidding. Watch You’re Next.

22> Extracted – I wonder why they didn’t categorize this movie as Psychological Thriller. Even though extracting memories using some high tech equipment is in the realm of Sci-Fi, the psychological side-effects truly elevates it into the aforementioned label. Watch here.

23> Vacancy – Another thriller which should be marked “Psychological”. I'm sick of hard-selling these movies as PTs so let’s set things straight from this point onwards.. This is a dictatorship and all the movies here are Psychological Thrillers or Mind Benders!!! Now, let’s get back to business, watch Vacancy here.

24> Seven – I'm not really impressed with this movie but a lot of people online say this is a great movie that I am compelled to include it on the list, but I am really wondering why. Perhaps you can see for yourself and let me know what makes it great. Watch it here.

25> Fight Club – Well this is where Brad Pitt redeems himself from our bad review for Se7en. This is a Classic team up with Edward Norton. Watch The Fight Club.

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