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Today’s social media landscape resembles that of the classical era. Facebook is the Roma...

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Today’s social media landscape resembles that of the classical era. Facebook is the Roman Empire while the rest are the barbarians.

If you’re a fan of history or literature detailing the era of that empire, you should know that the barbarians consistently attack Rome which eventually lead to their fall and decline.

Right now, Facebook is still intact. They are still the top social network and their employees are so happy and fat, including their reptilian master Mark Suckerberg. The status quo is still full of vigor.

I wrote a blog post 6 years ago about Facebook alternatives and it's funny because I predicted that Facebook won't go down in the next 3-4 years from the time I wrote that unless Facebook seriously f**ks it up.


Facebook has had a lot of f**k ups just recently and nothing happened. They were under investigations and nothing happened. They are just too powerful. Mark Suckerberg is a powerful soyboy. He even donated money during the last election to make sure all systems run smoothly.

I therefore conclude that Mark Suckerberg is one of the few powerful people in America who are in control and are invincible. Except that's a lie. No one's invincible. They're only invincible if the majority dindu nuffin.

The majority can definitely do something. They can start using decentralized social networks that are censorship resistant and slowly make Facebook and the soyboy irrelevant. The best thing about most of these decentralized social networks is that they reward users with cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, most people who left Facebook go to other social networks that are not decentralized. They go to CloutHub, Gab, Parler, MeWe, and others.

It's best if they all come to decentralized apps like D.Buzz. It is very important to make sure they understand that they will be earning crypto for using blockchain-powered apps and most importantly, they will never be censored. (cross fingers lol)

Just heard the news that Parler's CEO got fired and there are speculations that Parler will most probably start censoring people once a new management is in place.

It's okay to have those centralized social networks above but it's even better if the users there are aware of the decentralized social networks listed below. The more barbarians, the better. Let's bring Facebook down. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Please share this list to everybody.

Censorship-resistant Facebook Alternatives




SoMee Social


Revolution Populi




Atrom Network

I was wondering if these sites can operate like Federated social networks where users can interact with other users from the other networks. I don't know, maybe it's too difficult, impossible, or just not a good idea because of security concerns. Just putting that thought here.

Okay that's it. Start spreading the message and let's burn Facebook to the ground.

Let's roll!

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