Decentralized is the Future

Just a reminder to everyone that the more people start using Decentralized apps like...

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Just a reminder to everyone that the more people start using Decentralized apps like or Ecency, the better.

Right now, a lot of people are being banned on Facebook and Twitter and are not allowed to post or express their ideas. Even cloud hosting providers like Amazon Web Services have ejected Parler.

There are many influencers and even world leaders who have expressed disgust about this development.

Jack Dorsey and Mark Suckerberg are very powerful now and they can do anything they like without consequence. Damn is this right? Can they really just ban anyone because they don't like their ideas or opinions?

I guess this is now the new trend in Centralized social platforms. Is it good? Or is it bad. I think it's bad. But then again, it's just my opinion. Feel free to deplatform me here. Or maybe dislike that button below. Just like the leader of that community here called Engage the Weekend. I made a mistake posting my last post there. I thought it's fine. He was very hostile and even encouraged his members to throw dislike bombs to my last post. How do I know this? Because my last post was hidden due to low rating.

Anyways, I left that community already.

So, yeah, Decentralized is the future! There are some decentralized social networks out there like Mastodon and others but they don't offer tokens or cryptos. I think the ones that offer rewards have a better chance of attracting more users to the Decentralized world because who doesn't like freebies right? This needs to be communicated clearly to new users who don't have a clue about crypto and decentralized terminologies. I must admit I also need to work better on this. Because I've promoted lots of decentralized social apps but I don't seem to get new recruits. :(

People are so used to Facebook and Twitter that they won't let go until they get banned. I think this presents a fun challenge to Decentralized developers to really get to the bottom of this and make the entry to dWorld as attractive and painless as possible. I think if Elon Musk creates an account at D.Buzz, that platform will explode! I'm pretty sure of that actually.

So, that's it. Just sharing my opinion. It's hard not to react. Why are they so afraid of other people's opinions and posts?